Who We Are

We are a Texas  Based at Home Family CFA Sphynx & AKC English Bulldog Breeders. 
 Our Beautiful sphynx and english bulldogs Are Loved and Cared for in our home . My husband and I have a love for wrinkly and what some may think ugly we say NO ! They are so ugly their cute =) All our babies are registered with either the CFA or AKC . We breed for beauty , health and temperament . We love our naked kitties and bullies and want only the best for them including making sure they are placed in loving homes . Keep in touch and follow us for all upcoming litters .

We Love and care for our sphynx  and English Bulldogs in the comfort of our home  . They have their own room to sleep , play and run around in .   We do not keep our puppies out doors or in cages as we love our puppies too much . And Texas weather would not permit the safety and health of being sheltered out doors .

English Bulldogs are a unique breed . For the health and safety of newborn puppies they can not be left alone with mommy like other breeds can . From day one we bring them home from the hospital we care , feed and clean them every 2 hours around the clock . For this reason we have grown quite attached to them and want to make sure they are adopted in the best loving homes .

Our kittens and puppies parents are both either CFA or AKC Registered coming from Champion Award winning lines .

If you have any questions always feel free to contact us .  Natalia & Mike

email : wrinklesuave@hotmail.com

Phone - 832-874-7769